How To Play Word-A-Melon - Instructions

How To Start Playing Word-A-Melon In No Time

Welcome to Word-a-Melon, a refreshing new word game from Bananagrams, Inc. It's portable and snackable, so you can play it anytime, any place.

Object: Collect the most letter seeds by creating words. The longer the words, the more seeds you can collect!

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Getting Word-A-Melon Set Up

Open the tray and place it within reach of all players.

There are 56 spots on the tray and 60 letter seeds. Pick up 4 random seeds and place aside (these will stay out of play).

Fruitful Tip: there are 4 extra letters for different levels of play.

For an easier game put aside J, Q, X, and Z. For a more challenging game, put aside A, E, S and T.

Place the remaining 56 seeds letter-side down on the tray so each spot is filled.

How to Play Word-A-Melon

Step 1: The youngest player goes first. Step 2: Roll the die to determine how many seeds flip over. Choose that number of seeds from anywhere on the tray and flip them over, letter-side up.

Step 3: Call out the longest word that can be spelled with the flipped letters. In our example you could spell several words:


Step 4: Collect the letters of the word you called out. The longer the word, the more seeds you collect! Spell only one word per turn.

Step 5: At the end of your turn, flip the unused seeds back over. Fruitful Tip: Remember where the unused letters are on the tray!

How to Win

The game is over when all players agree that no more words cane spelled with the letters left on the tray. The player with the most seeds wins! If there's a tie, rejoice in sweet victory! If that doesn't satisfy, play again to break the tie!

Word-A-Melon Mini Games


Play the games as per the instructions above, but leave the unused letters from each turn face-up for a speedier, seedier game! Players still flip over as many seeds as indicated by the roll of the die and may use any letter facing up to form a word.


First player rolls the die and flips over the number of seeds as indicated on the die. All players have the opportunity to yell out only 1 word. The player who yells the longest word first, keeps those letters.

Example: A 4 is rolled on the die and the letters A, S, R, T are turned over. Quinn yells 'sat' first, Sofia then yells 'rats' and Aidan yells 'star!'. Sofia gets to keep the 4 letter seeds, since her word is longer than Quinn's and she yelled it out before Aidan. A player may yell out their word at any time before or after all of the seeds have been turned over. Fruitful Tip: Try combining Letter-Up and Word-a-Yellin'for ultimate flipping' fun!

Letter Seed Breakdown


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