Cheeky Butts

Cheeky Butts is a hot potato style family game of spot and match, where players race to pick up animal cards and place them in their matching landing trays before the randomized timer goes off. If they’re the one holding a card when the timer stops, they lose a token. When a player loses all three tokens, they’re out of the game! The last player with tokens wins! The perfect new addition to family game night.

What's In The Box

60 Cards

12 Trays

18 Tokens

Electronic Timer





2 to 6


Download Here

Time To Play

15 mins

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How to Play Cheeky Butts

Cheeky Butts is for 2-6 players! To start, each player takes 3 Chance tokens and the correct number of trays (2-6 each, depending on number of players). Everyone lines up their trays in front of them, animal side up! Place the stack of Cheeky Cards face down in the center of the table. Start the timer! Once the timer starts, the first player takes a Cheeky Card from the pile, turns it over, and quickly places it into the tray with the matching animal. If you place the card in one of your own trays, go again! If you place the card in another player‘s tray, they now become the active player. Continue playing until the timer goes off. If you are the active player when the timer goes off, you lose a Chance Token!

After each round, all players shift one of their Cheeky Trays, along with the cards inside, clockwise. That way, animals are always changing! When a player loses all 3 of their Chance Tokens, they’re out of the game. The remaining players then redistribute that players trays.

The last player with Chance Tokens wins the game and is the Cheekiest Cheeky Butts Champion!

Where to Buy

Available now.

"I bought this game for my daughter and she and her friend have asked to play it almost every day since."

"This is adorable!!! My 8 year and 10 year olds loved it!"

"Easy to learn for quick playing."

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