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A light-strategy tile placing game with a contagiously cute theme, Gurms is the perfect cure for the bored family blues!

Players pick one of four different pawns and take turns placing tiles one at a time in an attempt to complete as many of their character’s symbols as possible. Score additional points for groupings of the same symbol.

Each character has its own color, making for vivid and lively gameplay that the whole family will enjoy. These Gurms want to take over your table, and even the high quality tin can’t contain them!

What's In The Box

60 Game Tiles

1 Starter Tile

4 Gurm Figures



Ages 6+


2 to 4 Players


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How to Play GURMS

Players pick one of the four different GURM pawns. Then, place the starter tile in the middle of table. Each player draws one tile for themselves and all other tiles are placed off to the side, colors facing down.

On your turn you play your tile next to any tile already on the table making sure to match the colors of the edge. All edges must match when played. Immediately draw another tile to end your turn.

You’ll notice some tiles have a white blank edge, these are called blockers and that white edge cannot be placed next to any other tile, not even white edge to white edge. You’ll use these to disrupt your opponents game plans. On your turn, if you happen to match 2 or more edges, you get to immediately take another turn.

When the last tile is added to the board the game ends and its time to score!

Scoring is simple, a single completed gurm counts as 1 point; Gurms in a “strain” score additional points; these are groupings of the same symbol. Each gurm in a strain of 2 counts as 2 points each; each in a strain of 3 counts 3 points each and so on.

Count ‘em up and the player who tallies the most points is the most infectious and wins!

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