Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

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Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout is like an old-style Western shootout but with brains for guns. Two teams go head-to-head. They face a kooky question, such as, “The nation’s favorite pizza toppings. List ‘em.”

Each team gets three shots at a correct answer. The team with the most “hits” wins a crazy (non-alcoholic) drink from Mr Lister’s bar. If it’s a tie, then both teams meet in the Last Chance Saloon to play the Impossible Question. In this case it’s, “In the US, how many millions of pounds of pepperoni are consumed on pizza every year?”

The team that gets closest to the answer gets the drink and the team with the most drinks wins.

What's In The Box

120 Question Cards

1 Score Pad

2 Notepads

3 Pencils

1 Mustache Pencil Topper



Ages 14+


3 Or more Players


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How to Play Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

The aim of the game is to win cards and collect the drinks on the reverse. The first team to collect five different drinks wins! Mr. Lister reads out a question to both teams. Teams get a few seconds to write down as many answers as they can, then it’s shoot-out time! The first team fires off an answer. If it’s on the card, they score a hit and Mr. Lister marks the score card. If it’s wrong, they miss and don’t score. Now it’s the other team’s turn to score a hit. Or miss. The first team now gets their second shot. And so on. The shootout ends when each team has finally fire off three answers, hit or miss. The most hits wins the card.

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