Spiky Dastards

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Spiky Dastards has 5 little figures that are so cute, you’ll want to capture them all. But be careful, they’re well protected! Split the deck of 60 cards into two piles and reveal the top card from each.

The pictures on the cards will indicate 1 or 2 of the figures that players must race to carefully grab. If you’re able to grab one, you get a card. If you grab the wrong one, you lose a card.

You’ll have to be daring if you want to collect the most cards and win!

What's In The Box

5 plastic Spiky Dastard Figures

60 Cards



Ages 14+


2+ Players


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How to Play Spiky Dastards

To set up the game, search through the deck of cards and remove the 10 “nubby” cards. These are cards that depict the Dastards with rounded spikes and are used for a variation of the game that is explained further in the instructions. Shuffle and divide the remaining cards into two even piles, face down on the table. Pick two players to be the designated card flippers, each responsible for one of the piles. Place the 5 Spiky Dastard figures in the center of the table, within reach of all players. To start the game, the flippers each turn over the top card from their piles revealing the image on the other side. These images determine whether players are racing to grab 1 or 2 of the 5 Spiky Dastards figures. Which figures are they grabbing? That’s the tricky part. If the 2 cards together reveal a total 1 or 2 of the different characters, then players are racing to grab the Dastard or Dastards that are shown. If the cards reveal 3 or 4 Dastards, then players are grabbing for the Dastard or Dastards that are NOT shown. For each correct Dastard you grab, you get one of the flipped cards. Players may grab both Dastard figures and win two cards if they’re sharp enough. If at any time a player grabs the wrong figure, they must give one of their cards to another player of their choice. If they don’t have any cards to give, then the other players may give them a dirty look if they like. Play continues until all of the cards have been flipped. Everyone counts up their cards and the player with the most is the winner.

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Launching OCTOBER!

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