The Furglars

The Furglars is a dice rolling family game that takes game night to a strange and mysterious place. Players take turns rolling an ever-changing quantity of dice hoping to capture Furgles, which are represented by the furry side of each die. Furgles are then traded in for precious Bullion Points. The dice also feature a lock icon which protects Furgles, and a hand icon that can be used to pick locks and steal Furgles from other players. The first player to collect 15 Bullion Points wins the game! The perfect sneaky addition to your family game night.

What's In The Box

20 Furry Furgle Dice

20 Bullion Bars

6 Capture Cards

1 Bullion Bank Card





2 to 6


Download Here

Time To Play

20 mins

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How to Play The Furglars

Who's the sneakiest person in your family? The object of this family game is to capture, steal, and protect as many Furgles as possible to collect Bullion Points. The first to collect 15 Bullion Points wins the game! In a 2-player game, the first to collect 21 points wins!

Each player takes the appropriate number of dice to start (refer to the instructions for the dice split per number of players) There are 4 different dice faces: Furgles: You want to keep Furgles to exchange for Bullion Points at the beginning of your next turn. Locks: Protects Furgles from Hands. (Other players must break all of your locks before they can steal any of your Furgles). Hands: One Hand may break any one Lock or may steal one Furgle (if no locks are protecting it). X’s: No action.

Each player starts with an empty Character Card. 1. Roll the Dice. On your turn, roll all of the dice in front of you. 2. Make your Move. You may keep any Furgles and Locks you roll, and place them on your Character Card. With each Hand icon you roll, you may break one Lock on any other player’s card, or steal one unprotected Furgle from any player. • You cannot steal Furgles if Locks protect them. All Locks on a player’s card must be broken before their Furgles can be stolen! • You do not have to steal Furgles or break Locks from just one single player. Target as many players as you want... as long as you have the Hands to do it! • When you break another player’s Lock, place the die “x” side up in front of you. • When you steal another player’s Furgle, place it onto your Character Card. 3. Pass the Dice Pass all dice (except for Furgles and Locks on your Character Card) to the player on your left. Furgles are worth Bullion Points! That is, only if you’ve managed to hold on to any Furgles by the time your next turn begins! 4. Collect your Bounty on the start of your next turn Before you roll the dice, start your turn by cashing in any Furgles that remain on your card for Bullion Points from the bank. (See Furgle-to-Bullion Conversion Chart) 5. Roll the Dice Roll all of the dice in front of you. Including all: • Dice that may have been passed to you by the previous player. • Furgles that you had at the beginning of your turn (which were sold for Bullion Points). • Locks that you may have had on your card at the beginning of your turn. Repeat “Make your Move.”

Repeat “Pass the Dice.”

The first to collect 15 Bullion Points wins the game! In a 2-player game, the first to collect 21 points wins!

Where to Buy

Available now.

"Spent my Friday night playing this game with my niece and nephew. They loved it!"

"After the kids went to bed, I played again with my wife and our neighbors. Furglars is good for kids, and good for adults!"

"If you like games of chance and strategy, then this game is for you!"

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