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Take a Scenario Card, doodle it, pass it on. By the time it gets through your friend's disturbed minds, your delightful drawing of 'Dreaming of Bacon' could be disfigured beyond belief.

In the meantime, you've got to interpret the new doodle before you. Is that an ugly baby, a badly fried egg or something else entirely?

Get doodling. Start guessing. Most grins wins. Artistic talent is not required. In fact, it’s positively frowned upon.

What's In The Box

240 Scenario cards

8 Clipboards

8 clips

8 Dry-erase markers

8 Wipe Cloths



Ages 17+


4 to 8 Players


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How to Play Scrawl

It’s the drawing version of broken telephone! Players start 
off with a loaded phrase, doodle it, and then pass it on. The next person has to interpret the doodle, and write down a phrase to describe the doodle, and then pass it on. This cycle of doodle, guess, doodle, guess, continues along all players. A masterpiece of a “Monkey Knife Fight” passes through players’ weird minds and wonky pens. As it makes it’s way back around, things will have gone horribly wrong, usually to hilarious effect. Points are awarded for the most disastrous doodles and god-awful guesses, and then the most grins win.

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