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Tel. (401) 781-9649

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PR Outreach: Judith Cohen (917) 721-0663

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How do I get replacement tiles?

Please send an email to with what tiles you are missing and your mailing address. We will replace up to 3 missing tiles.

What happens when there are still tiles in the bunch, but players cannot use the tiles in their hands?

If players cannot work the tiles they have into their existing grids, then the grid must be rearranged to accommodate the tiles in hand. For additional gameplay questions, please refer to the instructions which you can download here.

I purchased a foreign language version of Bananagrams and I am disappointed that the tiles do not have accents. Why are there no accents on the tiles?

Our respective distributors from various countries helped us to create these foreign language versions. They outlined how the accents on the vowels (example: é,ê,è) are there to guide pronunciation and would actually hinder gameplay. A regular old “e” can cover all of these. It’s almost like a mini wild tile! Most language variants do have a different letter breakdown than the standard version of the game to accommodate for differences in frequencies of letter usage in the two languages.

Do you sell any foreign language versions of BANANAGRAMS in North America?

BANANAGRAMS is available in 16 different language variants, however we only carry a small quantity of French, Spanish and Hebrew for the North American market.

Can I purchase just the wild tiles?

Unfortunately, the only monkey "wild tiles" manufactured were the ones that are packaged inside our Bananagrams Wild Tiles game, which is no longer in production.

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