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Go Wild with Words!

Learning with BANANAGRAMS - Go Wild With Words!

At Bananagrams, we are passionate about literacy! We love that Bananagrams is often used by teachers as an educational tool to bring playful learning into the classroom and to sharpen language skills while having FUN! Bananagrams can change the way students think about spelling and literacy, and can be beneficial in numerous ways:

○ improve letter and word recognition
○ spelling skills visual attention
○ memory and recall categorization
○ visual processing
○ sorting and classification
○ sequential thought
○ language development

We are confident that teachers and students around the world will continue to value our game and enjoy learning through word play. 

Set Up Your Own BANANAGRAMS Club

Lots of schools run their own Bananagrams School Clubs at lunchtimes, as part of before/after-school activities and in libraries. Why not start a club at your school? It doesn’t need to be a formal competition.

Just a couple of Bananagrams and some eager kids is all you need to get started!

If you want to take your club a bit more seriously, check out our Bananagrams Club Resources where you can download competition wallcharts, certificates and classroom decorations.

And if playing Bananagrams isn’t enough, click HERE for some printable word puzzles you can give your students when you need a bit of peace and quiet!

Please get in touch via our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) to share how Bananagrams helps you and your students GO WILD WITH WORDS! 

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