Can I start playing BANANAGRAMS with my students now?

The official BANANAGRAMS School Club will kick off in September 2019 with monthly challenges being sent out to inspire game play in classrooms, but you can start playing on today if you have your own BANANAGRAMS game already! We recommend starting off with a class tournament to crown your first Top Banana student. You might find it useful to use our BANANAGRAMS Tournament Wall Poster to help you plan and track the winners of each game. Check out our resources page for free downloadable resources.

How do I teach my pupils to play?

It’s easy to pick up the rules of BANANAGRAMS! Full instructions are included in your BANANAGRAMS pouch, or can be downloaded here. You could also show your pupils this video or read this blog post for more ideas.

How do I receive a free school club kit?

The first 1,500 eligible* schools to register in the USA and UK respectively, will receive a free kit. We will provide a set quantity of free kits annually, and will automatically send them out on a first come first served basis to the next eligible school who has not yet received one. You only need to register once, if your school is eligible you will automatically be added to the waiting list to receive a free kit when they become available.

Who is eligible to receive a free School Club Kit?

Any school who starts a Bananagrams School Club with over 16 participating students is eligible to receive one free kit, on a first come, first served basis. Priority will be given to larger club sizes and to schools in disadvantaged communities. We provide 1,500 free kits to schools in the USA and UK respectively per year. Once our annual quota is capped, your school will go on a waiting list for the following year’s kit dispersal. Additional club kits will be made available for purchase when possible, or the classic Bananagrams game can be used as a supplement. Contact us directly if you’d like to purchase your own kit schoolclub@bananagrams.com

If I am not eligible to receive a free school club kit, can I still start a club?

Absolutely yes! You only need a BANANAGRAMS game to start a club (widely available in all good stores that sell toys and games in the UK and USA.)

How do I get additional school club kits?

BANANAGRAMS School Club kits are only produced in limited quantities, but you can use the classic BANANAGRAMS game as a substitute/supplement for your club. School Club members will also be the first to know if there are any available discounts to purchase additional games for your club.

My school does not use social media - can I still participate?

Yes! Our monthly “Clubdates” newsletter will provide all of the club inspiration you need, and if you would like to submit a picture to participate in our monthly club challenge, you may do so via email (schoolclub@bananagrams.com). Please ensure that submitted pictures adhere to your school’s media release policy. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

My school has a policy never to take photos of pupils / put photos of children on social media. Is my school at a disadvantage if I can’t provide a photo of our monthly hashtag challenge?

No! If you can’t send a photo featuring students, maybe send a photo of the winning Grid used in the final game or a photo of the completed tournament wall poster, or get creative to not show faces! Obviously, if your school wins a prize it would be nice to have a photo of them, but it might be possible to seek parental permission at that point.

Does my school get a free kit every year?

In order to serve as many schools as possible, we can only send one free kit per eligible school, so please try to keep your kit to use again every year. We will always offer fun ways to participate and win prizes that include additional games for your school.

Are there any prizes? How do you judge them?

Yes! We will award a monthly prize pack that includes games and goodies to one lucky school club from all monthly #hashtag submissions. We will send out a monthly club #hashtag challenge (e.g: “most club members to wear yellow” / #BGSCturnsyellow) and all you have to do is submit a picture of your club in action with the hashtag theme of the month. Team Bananagrams will select our favorite from the bunch.

Is there any inter-school Grand Final like there used to be?

Not at this time. In order to serve more schools around the world and make it more inclusive for all club members, our club initiative has evolved to our monthly club challenges format that only takes place in your own school.

Do I have to participate in every monthly Club #hashtag challenge?

No, however, the more you participate the greater your chances of winning great prizes from us, but participating in every School Club monthly challenge is not required.

What age is the School Club for?

The game of BANANAGRAMS plays well at every age! Our age grading stipulates ages 7 - 107! In the past, we have found that with school play, the tournament style and the enthusiasm of students to learn using the game works extraordinarily well for ages 9 -13. We would love to hear about all the creative ways you use the game to enhance your learning curriculum.

My school club kit has not arrived?

If you received a school club kit confirmation email stating that the kit is on its way with an estimated arrival date and your kit has not arrived 2 days beyond the estimated arrival date, please send an email to schoolclub@banangrams.com.

I used to take part in the Bananagrams School Challenge - can I still get a free pack for the Club?

Yes, however, if you already have games to use in your classroom, we would appreciate if you allow your eligible free kit to go towards a school who has never received a kit. Our club registration form allows you to stipulate as such.

Can I have another School Club Kit as our school is very large and 2 games isn’t enough?

Unfortunately not, our school club kit policy states only one free kit per school to allow us to serve as many schools as possible. We will make games/kits available for purchase as a significant discount whenever possible.

Can I change the rules a bit to speed up play or make it easier for my pupils?

You can, yes – but obviously we prefer it if you play by using the official BANANAGRAMS rules.

I’ve not been successful in getting a free School Club Kit this year. When can I register to get one for next year?

Our free kits will be offered up on a first come, first served basis to all eligible schools. If your school was not successful in receiving a kit this year, you will stay on the waiting list automatically until another free kit becomes available in the following year. There is no need to re-register. We will also be providing discount codes to purchase games for your club whenever possible.

"Bananagrams has changed the way my students think about spelling and words. "

- Tatiana D., Teacher, USA

"This is by far one of the best initiatives I have come across in my years of teaching"

- Laura A., Teacher, UK

"After a week of playing, I saw students improving spelling/phonics skills, problem solving improving, teamwork building, and having FUN!"

- Kim R., Teacher, USA

"This [has] not only helped to build children’s confidence with spelling but also enforced important values such as perseverance, teamwork and sportsmanship."

- Jessica S, Teacher, UK

"...even those students who sometimes struggle with reading were able to participate. "

- Kirby B., Teacher, USA