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16 Educational Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

our mission: to make the most amazing Easter basket your little ones have ever seen - making you the best Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa/Aunt/Uncle/big friend in the world.

Here are our 16 unique ideas for making an Easter basket to remember. As experts of family play time experiences, we curated this list with this in mind: quality gifts with lasting fun. We know how busy families are, and we know how many junky toys kids receive nowadays. This is the list to check if you’re looking for unique gift ideas that will give for years to come.


Bananagrams Cheeky Butts - for a wild time

A fast and cheeky game of hot potato where your mission is to not get left 'behind'. From the beautifully illustrated cards, to quick and easy gameplay, this is a guaranteed hit with animal-loving kids.

$14.99 at Amazon


Sidewalk Mandala Stencil - for little artists

Budding artists will love this kit for creating super detailed mandala designs on the sidewalk. Your little ones can be outside in the Spring weather at Easter time, drawing colorful stencils of candy, toys and lots of other things!

Buy it for $9.25 from Amazon.


My First Bananagrams - for growing a love of word play


My First Bananagrams is a multi-award-winning word-game for kids. It features lowercase letters that help your little chicks to grow a love of wordplay while having fun with the family. It’s packed with mini-games which focus on developing different skills that are essential for reading, spelling and writing. Plus it all fits in a cute green banana - perfect for an Easter gift basket!

Buy it for $12.95 from Amazon.


Giant Bubble Wand Kit - make the biggest bubbles you've ever seen

 Imagine being a kid and making a bubble so big that your little brother/sister could fit in it. Now imagine you're doing it with a 'bubble wand'. The Amazon description says: Passers-by will be sure to say "WOW... Amazing"! - and here at Bananagrams we agree!

Buy it for $15 from Amazon.


Flower Growing Kit - paint and plant your own small garden


Every kid should have a go at gardening. Why? Because there's no greater lesson on patience than trying to grow your own plants. They're fickle, require daily care and you have to get your hands dirty. But in the process you learn so much about life and growth - and the results are so rewarding! It's a great Easter gift basket addition for teaching kids about new life.

Buy it for $27.99 from Amazon.


Rescue Runts - for animal lovers

Rescue Runts are all about giving a scruffy-looking rescue pet a makeover and making it fit and healthy. It's a great message for kids and you can choose from a husky, spaniel, German shepherd, unicorn(!?) or cat. Excellent for developing a love of animal care.

Buy it for $14.90 from Amazon.


Lego Easter Egg Hunt - for little builders


Lego has a few Easter-themed sets, but this one is the best. Their giant Easter bunny and Easter chick sets look a bit terrifying in comparison. The perfect addition for an Easter basket for young kids or Lego fanatics.

Buy it for $12.99 from Amazon.


Gangsta Granny - for book worms

Think grandmas are sensible and frail? You won't after reading this book - where a grandson discovers his grandma is a super tough criminal mastermind. The book is a firm favorite across the pond in the UK - where it's sold over 200,000 copies!

Buy it for $6.99 from Amazon.


Cobra Paw - for your little ninjas

Cobra Paw is about spotting matching symbols before your opponents. Then you have to dive in and grab them before your opponent too – so you need ninja-like reflexes to win. Great fun for energetic kids this Easter. Games last 5-10 minutes and the tiles are travel-size.

Buy it for $14.95 from Amazon.


Stomp Rocket - for something a little more exciting

 If your little ones are into space, planes or stomping around then Stomp Rocket is a good bet. It's great for getting your kids outdoors, moving and engaging with Physics. Plus, what could be more exciting than unwrapping a rocket in your Easter gift basket?

Buy it for $18 from Amazon.


Mini Gardening Set - for some outdoor fun


Easter is all about new life and often it's the first time the cold weather starts to ease up. A cute gardening set is a perfect excuse to get outside and start playing in nature.

Buy it for $20.95 from Amazon.


Hatchimals Easter Basket - for a ready-made basket

For those looking for an easy 'cheat Easter basket' - this might be for you. It's a toy in the shape of an Easter basket - meaning you don't have to do all of the crafty bits! Hatchimals are still a hit with kids, so you can't go wrong with this one.

Buy it for $11.50 from Amazon.


Kids Baking Set - for a budding chef


There are few hobbies that guarantee cake at the end, but baking is one of them. What better way is there to get your kids into doing real-world calculations and cooking? This kit is a great gift for little bakers. It's packed full of small, light (but functional) baking equipment in cute colors.

Buy it for $29.95 from Amazon.


Educational Magazine Subscriptions - for months of fun and learning


If you're hoping to encourage a curious little mind, an educational magazine subscription for kids might be a good idea. National Geographic, for example, create fantastic monthly magazines pitched at the right level for kids.

General educational magazines for kids here.

National Geographic magazines for kids here.


Nature Explorer Kit - for enjoying time outside


We've been stuck indoors all winter so it's time to get outside and start exploring. This kit has binoculars, tools to catch bugs, a magnifying glass and more. Everything a budding naturalist needs to have adventures outdoors.

Buy it for $24.50 from Amazon.


Squeaking Bunnies Toy - for very little ones

These cute plushies are great for really young kids or for decorating your Easter basket. They're super soft and squeak when you squeeze them, meaning toddlers (and your pets) will love them!

Buy it for $9.99 from Amazon.


Wordamelon - for head-to-head wordy fun


If you've got a long trip planned this Easter then Wordamelon is a great travel companion. It works by rolling a die, flipping over letter chips and trying to build the longest word possible. Great for helping kids learn wordplay and developing their memory.

Buy it for $13.50 from Amazon.

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