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All the resources you need for at home and in the classroom!

Do you need activity sheets for having fun while learning? Did you misplace those instructions? Are you interested in starting your own BANANAGRAMS School Club in your classroom? Click on the links below to download printable activity sheets and instructions, and learn more about the BANANAGRAMS School Club.


Join the BANANAGRAMS School Club and get your school and students to Go Wild with Words! Since 2015 250,000 students throughout the US and UK have gone wild with words in their classrooms! Join thousands of students around the world in a quest to have fun, make friends, and most importantly, develop a love of word play!

Activity Sheets

Click here to download the printable activity sheets for kids et voila—quiet kids learning while having fun!


Please click here to download printable rules and instructions for our entire family of games.

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