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How To Play Bananagrams Remotely (Over A Video Call)

Even though we may be far apart from friends and family, we can still get together for a game through a number of video chat platforms.

Here are the official Bananagrams rules for social distance play!

  1. Each player removes 50 tiles from the pouch and places them face down, within reach. This will be their BUNCH for when players PEEL. But also keep the rest of the tiles close by, in the pouch.

  2. Each player separates 21 starting tiles from their own BUNCH.

  3. One player shouts SPLIT and players begin playing BANANAGRAMS as normal.

  4. When a player shouts PEEL, all players take one tile from their BUNCH.

  5. When a player needs to DUMP, they place the unwanted tile back into the pouch, and take three more from the pouch.

  6. The first player to use up all 50 tiles from their BUNCH shouts BANANAS and wins the game!

  7. If they wish, the other players may review the winning grid for mistakes.


Take more tiles for a longer game, or less for shorter rounds. We’d love to see how you play Bananagrams while we’re all distancing so post pictures and tag us!

And most important, have fun!

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