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The 7 Weirdest Board Games Ever Made

Weird and wonderful board games from eccentric minds.

Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game

All right stop. Collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention - his rapping board game!

If you’ve always dreamed of flowing like a harpoon daily and nightly then your wildest dreams have come true. In this game you turn over random rhyming words and have to rap along to the beat machine. Your goal is to light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle.

Watch Jimmy Fallon play it here.


Let’s Be Safe Board Game

There’s nothing more fun than a game with a serious, educational message. If you have a board game cupboard full of poop and zombie games, you can be sure that your kids will definitely want to play the game called Let’s Be Safe. It works by playing to avoiding common dangers to kids - like getting into a stranger’s car or crossing a busy road.

Watch people play it here.


Monopoly For Millenials

Millennial angst in a board game, Monopoly For Millennials is all about collecting the best life experiences (not property - because who can afford that!?). From going to music festivals to visiting a vegetarian bistro, players must race around the board to collect life experience and avoid paying for sensible adult things.

You can buy Monopoly For Millennials here:


Tic Tac Tongue

Tic Tac tongue transforms you into a frog with a super extendable tongue in order to collect as many bugs as possible. You put on the face mask and battle it out to suck up bugs before the other players. It’s the kind of game kids would go crazy for.

You can still buy it on


Big Foot the game


Big Foot is a horror game. It’s not about taking a photograph of the elusive beast, it’s about not getting eaten before the other players. You move around the board hitting special action spots and trying to avoid landing on the same tile as the creepy Big Foot model. If it lands on your tile you roll the dice and hope to not see a footprint - if you do then you’re a goner!


Pimple Pete

Some people have a weird obsession with bursting pimples, and for them there’s Pimple Pete. You can’t get much more niche than this game, where you take turns to bust zits while trying to avoid the mega zit (which pops you out of the game). It’s like Pop-Up Pirate but with pimples instead - because why not?

You can still buy it here:


Mall Madness Board Game


Malls may be dying across America, but there was a time when the mall was the coolest place in the world to hang out. That’s why this game was created - for teens who loved to shop until they drop. Players must race to get 6 items on their shopping list and make it back to the car park before their opponents. But they need the cash from the ATMs to purchase the items first! This is the kind of game that ends up in a museum on life in the 80s.

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