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The Best Animal Board Games For Kids

From silly to strategic: 6 fun animal board games for kids that are fun for adults too.

Are you living with animal-obsessed kids? Good news - there are some excellent, beautifully illustrated board games out there that are fun for adults too. Whether you want a quick and easy game like animal-themed bingo, or something new and exciting, like a dinsoaur poop game, this list has everything you need to find a great game.

Cheeky Butts

The silliest animal board game on our list, Cheeky Butts is a hot potato-style game of fast reflexes. Kids need to match the butts to the beautifully drawn animals and make strategic decisions to increase their chances of winning.

It’s quick, fantastically good fun and most importantly a little bit silly.

  • 2-6 players
  • Ages 5+
  • Games last 20 mins

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Dino Dump

What captures kids’ imagination more than prehistoric animals? The objective of this card game is to lose all of your dinosaur cards as quickly as possible. The loser has to wear a dinosaur poop sticker that really does smell quite terrible.

It’s travel-sized, quick to play and kids go crazy for the poop stickers.

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 6+
  • Games last 10 mins

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Go Find It

This animal game for kids is a little more educational, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Go Find It is a natural, outdoor treasure-hunt for the whole family. You get challenges on cards to find certain animals and plants, then it’s a race to spot them.

A fantastic animal game for summer adventures with the family.

  • 1-6 players
  • Ages 3+
  • Games last from 2 mins to the whole day

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Honeycombs is a animal tile game about rebuilding buzzy bee hives. This super bright and colorful animal board game for kids has players working to connect hexagonal tiles into the right combination for the hive. There are 3 game modes depending on how you want to play: fast, tactical or cooperative.

A tactile and beautifully-designed animal game for kids.

  • 1-8 players
  • Ages 7+
  • Games last 20 mins

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Ocean Bingo

With board games, sometimes simple is best. If you don't feel like learning lots of new rules this ocean-themed animal board game is a good choice. It’s packed with 64 weird and wonderful species and the art is quite something. As you will know, bingo is fun for all ages and for large groups too.

  • 3 or more players
  • Any age
  • Games last 10 mins

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Conservation Crisis

If you’ve got a little Greta Thunberg in your family or you’re simply trying to educate your little ones about the challenges our planet is facing, this is a great animal game to pick. In Conservation Crisis you take control of a wildlife reserve and your job is to save the endangered animal species.

  • 2 or more players
  • Ages 7+
  • Games last 20 mins

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