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How to Play Cobra Paw - Instructions

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The Cobra Paw tournament derives from an ancient stone-snatching game called Clawfuku, believed to have been invented by a mysterious rogue known as Phee Lion. Phee Lion’s paws were so fast that when he snatched a stone, a terrible wind would rise up wreaking havoc and turmoil to all who stood in his way. He abused this power to take control of the land. Fear and hatred spread far and wide. It was a sad time.

One day a wandering ninja—calling himself Master Meow—entered Phee Lion’s temple and challenged him to a game of Clawfuku. The loser of this contest would be cast into exile forever. Master Meow had developed a technique he called, “The Cobra Paw”. With this technique, Phee Lion was defeated —happiness and many good things returned to the land. Although countless opponents have challenged Master Meow throughout his life, none came close to defeating him. To this day, Cobra Paw tournaments are held to honor the legacy of Master Meow, and it is believed that if one can master the Cobra Paw technique, Master Meow will rise again…


21 Clawfuku Stones 2 Catnippon Dice, and the will to compete.


Place all stones face up in the center of the arena (also known as a table).

The combatant with the smallest paws rolls the two Catnippon Dice first.

After the dice are rolled, all players must try to snatch the one stone with the pattern that matches the dice.

The player who snatches the matching stone is next to roll.

The first combatant to obtain 6 Clawfuku Stones (or 8 stones for a two-player game) wins the battle!

Cobra Paw Mini Games

 Ghosts Of The Fallen

Remove one to five planks from the pool. When the dice roll one of these patterns, the first player to shout “Cobra Paw!” gets to take a stone from the pool.

No Touchy

It is inevitable that players will strike at the wrong stone after the dice have been rolled. A player who does so is shamed, and cannot claim a stone on this turn.

Two Ninja Stand-Off

Two fearless ninjas must face each other in an epic contest to acquire 11 (or more if decided) Clawfuku Stones. “No Touchy” rules apply. Only for the most spirited of ninjas!


Stones may be snatched from the common pool or from other players. Snatching must be done with the fingers, not the whole paw. It is considered shameful to cover the stone with one’s paw.

If multiple opponents grab the same stone at the same time, the player whose finger is in or closest to the divot on the stone wins it. Bickering over who touched a stone first makes Master Meow very sad. Players must snatch with just one paw.

A combatant may roll with one paw and snatch with the other, however, two-paw snatching is forbidden. Players may not hover their paws over the pool as to block the sight of the other players.

As players obtain stones, they must be kept in front of the player in plain sight and in paw range of other players. Blocking your stones or keeping them off to one side is considered most dishonorable. Competitors who continue to play dishonorably may be forbidden from the Cobra Paw tournament and may even be cast into the Litter Box of Shame!

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