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The Best Family Reunion Games

These games will get everyone having fun together in no time - even if you've not seen each other in years!

There’s nothing better than a big family reunion. Seeing all of your cousins, nieces and nephews for the first time in years, having a feast that’ll knock you into a several-hour food coma and getting a little competitive between the families over board games. It’s all great fun.

Keeping everyone entertained and finding a game for everyone, though, can be a little tricky. Here are some of our favorite family reunion games that will work for all family reunions!

Superfight - for breaking the ice

So you’re having a family reunion with your distant cousins and Aunt May that you haven’t seen in three years. How do you move past the small talk and break the ice?

Superfight is a game about debating over ridiculous fights, like who would win in a fight between Arnold Schwarzenegger on a unicycle wearing a blindfold with a lightsabre or a kindergarten class that breathes fire wearing jetpacks.

It’s the perfect relaxed game for big families and it’s so easy to pick up and play, there’ll be no need to repeat the rules a hundred times.

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Double Bananagrams - for something a little more competitive

If you have a few book worms in the family or like fast-paced, competitive games then Double Bananagrams might be the perfect game for your reunion.

Each player gets a few letter tiles and then has to build connecting words out of them. It’s a race to finish your letter grid before your opponents and the game evolves as you start to learn everyone’s strategies. Double Bananagrams has twice the number of letter tiles as regular Bananagrams (288!), so twice as many people can play!

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Cranium - for giving everyone a chance to shine

Every family has someone who belongs on the stage, an artist, a fountain of facts and figures and a word nerd. Cranium is a perfect game for giving everyone a chance to show off their talent!

If you mashed together Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Bananagrams you’d get something close to Cranium. Each round sees you draw, sculpt, answer or perform to get your team to the answer. Perfect for keeping everyone at the family reunion engaged.

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Sorry - for something everyone knows

If you’re trying to find a game that everyone can play, whether they’re 9 or 99, Sorry is a safe bet. It’s so simple that that there’s no need to explain the rules to everyone, and Grandma will be able to keep up even if she’s had a few sherries.

It works by picking up cards that tell you how far forwards or backwards you can move around the board. If you can move onto one of your opponent’s spaces, you can bump their counter back to the start!

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Spiky Dastards - for getting teens involved

They’re cute, they’re spiky and they’re FUN. If you’ve got a lot of teenagers coming to your family reunion, you might want something fast-paced and exciting like Spiky Dastards – a new game by Banangrams.

In Spiky Dastards you have a few spikey, colorful characters. Players split the deck and reveal two cards, showing the characters they need to grab. It’s a race to carefully grab the right ones but be careful not to pick the wrong ones – you’ll lose a card!

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Perfection - for team building

It can be a bit tricky to get people to bond and at a big family reunion. Everyone can tend to stick to who they know and it can end up looking like a school dance, when what you really want is everyone catching up and getting to know each other.

Perfection is guaranteed to nip that in the bud. Break into mixed family teams and race against the clock to fit all of the shapes into the right holes before the time runs out. Have a leaderboard with the best team getting a free pass on the post-reunion clean up!

Buy it here.

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