Printable Activities For Kids By Bananagrams

Finding educational activities for kids can be tricky, especially if you're trying to avoid lots of screen time. That's why we've created free and fun printable activities for kids.

Simply click the links below to download the printable activity sheets for kids et voila - quiet kids learning while having fun!

We'll continue adding new printable activities for kids by Bananagrams each week so be sure to check back or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

New This Week

Fill in the blanks

Banana chips

Bananagrams Printable Activities For Kids

Color Scavenger Hunt

Letter Scavenger Hunt

KS3 Maths

KS3 Music

Banana Leaves Word Scramble a

Banana Leaves Word Scramble b

Art Themed Word Search

Banana Peels

Monkey In The Middle

My First Word Search

Banana Shakes A

Banana Shakes B

KS3 Geography Word Search

KS3 ICT Word Search


Fill In The Vowels

Geography Word Search

Art Word Search

Color the Fruit Stand

Fruity Coloring

Banana Trees 1

Banana Trees 2

Go Bananas 1

Go Bananas 2

Banana Boats 1

Banana Boats 2

KS3 Food Tech Word Search Challenge

Cobra Paw Puzzle Sheet

Some of the puzzles we'll be sharing with you can be found in the BANANAGRAMS Puzzle Books by Workman Publishing. For a 20% discount on the complete books, click here.

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